The Daily Fail is a recently opened social network-thingy, although it’s almost entirely inhabited by Russians despite being in English, and I get an impression that most of its users are its founder and followers of his blog. (Well, when a user makes advertisements like this and thinks it’s a smart PR move, I’m frankly not surprised.)

Yesterday, its founder’s blog linked to a page there. I followed the link and saw an explicit picture from a category named “girls”. I looked there and saw just about what I expected: NSFW photos in varying degrees of nudity with objectifying comments.

I asked the founder to add content tags, so that 18+ content would only be enabled with the user’s explicit consent.

His response? “You have issues on the grounds of sexual lesbian perversions (including feminism)”.

3 thoughts on “The Daily Fail

  1. Irony

    I am surprised at someone who is a proponent of anonymous social networks and is also talking against links in social networks being NSFW. Listen to yourself.

    Another irony is that I couldn’t comment here anonymously. I had to register shit, WTF?

    Also, I see this note below the comment box:
    “This account is set to log the IP addresses of everyone who comments.”


    Fuck you.

    • Re: Irony

      I’m not a proponent of any social networks, anonymous or not. I simply don’t care about them.

      And I don’t see how pseudonymity is contradictory to content warnings for images.

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