Random Post-Midnight Thought

If a gay woman lives on Lesbos, does it make her a Lesbian lesbian?

3 thoughts on “Random Post-Midnight Thought

  1. Ah, here you are.

    Hey, just wanted to say, that I am glad to see you alive and well. Dropped WoW for a while and when I have returned – you already left. Took some time to find you. ^^


    • Re: Ah, here you are.

      Hey! You! I remember you! (In the mountains.)

      Seriously though, I’m glad to see my old guildmate! Shame I’m done with WoW for good now. I’m curious how you traced me from WoW here, though… :)

      • Re: Ah, here you are.

        Was quite easy. First I searched for your nickname, since it was quite unique, by doing this I stumbled upon your old blog, with one entry mentioning me and WoW (about raiding). And then I just had to google ‘lucidfox’ which gave me your newest blog.

        Google is watching you. Aaaaaand internet is full of weird people like myself. ^^

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