My BioWare PCS

I played these games more than once, but these particular playthroughs I regard as “my personal canon”. The way the events “really” happened in my imagination.


Light side Soldier/Jedi Sentinel
No romance
Spared Juhani
Spared the Progenitor
Killed Uthar, spared Yuthura
Redeemed Bastila
Destroyed the Star Forge


Light side Jedi Guardian/Jedi Watchman
Sided with Ithorians
Defended Khoonda from Azkul
Sided with Talia, Vaklu in prison
Left Tobin behind to set off charges
Malachor V destroyed

Abigail Shepard (Mass Effect)

Earthborn Sole Survivor Vanguard
Saved the Feros colonists and Shiala
Left Anoleis in charge
Saved Ashley on Virmire
Spared Wrex
Romanced Liara
Saved the old Council, put Anderson as human councilor

Mass Effect 2:

Reignited romance with Liara
Spared Harkin and Sidonis
Killed Morinth
Got Miranda to talk to Oriana
Turned Jacob’s father over to the Alliance
Proved Tali’s innocence, her father not implicated
Saved Joram Talid
Spared Maelon, downloaded genophage cure research
Spared Aresh
Rewrote the geth heretics
Destroyed the Collector Base, entire squad survived

Lyna Mahariel (Dragon Age)

Dalish Warrior
Cured the mabari dog
Recruited Leliana, Sten, Oghren and Zevran
Romanced Leliana
Left Flemeth alive, lied to Morrigan
Lifted the werewolf curse, left Lanaya as Keeper
Saved the Circle
Cured Connor
Recovered the Urn, cured Eamon, Jowan executed
Killed Branka, destroyed the Anvil, made Bhelen king
Made Alistair king, Anora imprisoned
Convinced Alistair to do the ritual


Spared Nathaniel
Recruited Anders, Oghren, Velanna, Sigrun, and Justice
Sided with the Amaranthine guards
Defended Amaranthine personally; Vigil’s Keep saved
Sided with the Architect

Liscara Hawke (Dragon Age II)

Sword and Shield Warrior
Made Aveline captain
Romanced Merrill
Recruited Fenris but ignored his questline
Lost Bethany to the Circle, later reunited with her
Isabela ran away with the relic
Killed the Arishok
Sided with Orsino
Spared Anders
Supported by the whole party against Meredith

Edit 14.02: Just realized KOTOR II isn’t actually a BioWare game. %) Epic facepalm.

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