Translation of a post in the “Check your privilege” VK community.

“LGBT people don’t have to defend themselves and prove their right to exist. If a person could change their gender and orientation just by waking up in the morning and deciding to do it, even for one day or hour, it wouldn’t change the fact that LGBT people are as precious and have the same right to live as straight cissexuals. To give heterosexuals proof and justification for our sexual and gender identity is to confirm their opinion that our life is their business and we must earn our right to exist in their eyes. It allows straight cissexuals to believe that they have some kind of superiority in their sexuality type, and that being queer means being a deviation from the “norm”, from the “default sexuality”.

We don’t have to defend ourselves and prove we’re “normal”. We don’t need biological research proving that everything is fine with us. Furthermore, we don’t want scientists to one day find the “genetic key” to our sexuality, for if such a key was found, the opponents of LGBT would immediately try to “correct” us by finding a “cure for homosexuality”.

Maybe we’re born this way; maybe we’re not. Maybe the sexual nature is mutable for some people and constant for others. It makes no difference. We need to distance ourselves from the heterosexual rhetoric that we were “born this way” and “had no choice”. Instead we need to say this: our sexuality has its own value and is in no way your business; we’re not going to prove anything to you, and we’re not going to give up.”

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