Land Ho!

Okay, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing here. Yet. Especially given that I already have a self-hosted blog. But I like it here. No wonder Dreamwidth has a “girly” reputation, with a color scheme like this.

This place is probably where I’m going to move gender-related posts, since I assume the general audience has no interest in them. If I even have an audience, that is.

Maybe — again, maybe — this is where my original fiction may appear. Haven’t decided yet where it would be appropriate.

Before deleting my LiveJournal account, in Russian, I quickly scanned through my old posts, from 2006 and earlier. Apart from an excited post over my first impressions with Ubuntu 5.10, there wasn’t really much worth keeping. I find it interesting that it was in late 2006 when I first posted a comment about hating my body. That feeling was always there, it intensified over time, and only two years after that post did I finally understand why.

By the way, the Dreamwidth favicon bears an uncanny resemblance to the Debian logo…