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This is why different people have different truths. Understanding of the world is always subjective (only subjects think, but objects don’t) and depends on random factors of life: on books you stumbled or didn’t stumble upon in childhood, personality, psychological type, birth traumas, family influence…

Worldview depends more on the view than on the world — that’s the paradox.

This is why completely different worlds are reflected in people’s heads. People cannot agree with each other on everything in principle. But since people need to coexist somehow, they have to compromise. And as there is no such thing as Absolute Truth, there is no need to forcefully bring it to the blind. The advanced political thought in developed countries has come to the conclusion that, since everything is relative, and everyone is right (or not right — same thing), it is pointless to battle for Truth. Let there be pluralism. And those citizens, parties and states that haven’t understood that yet are psychologically located at the level of the medieval crusades — in the romantic youth of humanity. This is why romantics are dangerous, both in politics and in daily life.

Alexander Nikonov. “Upgrade of the Ape.” Translated from Russian.